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Welcome all the elite valve sales and special valve cooperation, development win-win! Tel 024-72602416

Brief Introduction

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  Tieling special valve Limited by Share Ltd is one of the backbone enterprises in Tieling valve factory in 1997 after the reform, Tieling provincial development and Reform Commission approved the only company and investment support enterprises, Liaoning province is the only one listed equity trading center in Liaoning valve company. The company based on inheriting and developing the fine tradition of the former Tieling valve factory, through perfecting the mechanism of enterprises, improve product quality and grade, adjust market strategy, has become a considerable scale, science, industry and trade as one of the modern management entity, and has independent export right to self.

  At present, the company registered capital of 150 million yuan, the staff of 520 people, engineering and technical personnel of 50 people, the company covers an area of 82 thousand square meters, construction area of 55 thousand square meters. The company has "center" at the provincial level R & D and casting, welding, machining, assembly, painting and other packaging workshop equipment, strong technical force. Foundry equipment: 7 tons cupola a, 5 tons of intermediate frequency electric furnace three, first-class casting resin sand molding production line and EPC production line, 6*10 meters of annealing furnace. Production of gray cast iron, ductile cast iron, low alloy cast iron, cast steel and other valves and pipe fittings products. Annual production capacity of 10 thousand tons; welding equipment: 6.3mm shearing machine, bending machine and 20mm 50mm plasma cutting machine, can produce all kinds of welded steel valves and fittings and other products, welding capacity of 8000 tons; machining equipment: a machining center, CNC machine two sets, 8 meters, 5 meters vertical vertical lathe lathe, 4 meters, 2 meters of double column vertical lathe lathe, boring machine, boring machine T6113, T68 TX6216C, Z3080 Z3025, 200 landing boring machine, Z535 drilling machine and other processing equipment, annual machining capacity of 20 thousand tons.

  The company has advanced physical and chemical laboratory and the domestic first-class valve testing base for component analysis and performance test of metal materials, furnace, casting, and the valve products are life, flow resistance, flow, abrasion, torque and other performance test.

  The company main products are gate valve, butterfly valve, check valve, globe valve, regulating valve, exhaust valve, ball valve, gate (circle), expansion joint, valve driving device, valve complete fittings and instruments and other 12 categories, product driven mode is divided into manual, electric, hydraulic, pneumatic, electro-hydraulic linkage; medium water, sewage, sea water, air, gas, gas furnace, water vapor; suitable temperature of -40-600 DEG C; applying pressure is 0.01-6.4MPa; the nominal diameter of DN50-6000mm.

  The product has won national and ministerial, provincial superior title and a number of technological achievements, among which the bellows type metal seal butterfly valve, butterfly valve, soft seal gate valve, zero friction metal seal valve, quick shut-off valve, inlet valve, double sealing energy-saving hydropower double hydraulic control valve, sealing the adaptive to environmental protection the high corrosion resistance of rubber lined butterfly valve ten series of products for my company developed new products, with the leading domestic level, and obtained nineteen national patents (two patents, seventeen utility model patents, to fill a number of gaps). In 2006 the bellows type metal seal butterfly valve was included in the national Torch Program, third-prize obtained scientific and technological progress in Liaoning province; the water inlet valve for double seal in Northeast Asia Expo Gold Award in 2007 2010, hydropower; zero friction metal hard seal ball valve by the Ministry of science and technology assessment as "National key new product".

The company in 2001 to become China's urban water supply association pipeline committee member units, metal sealing butterfly valve and elastic seat valve was recommended by the China water association. In 2004, the provincial government was named "Liaoning reputable enterprise". In the same year, the company established a "casting and welding technology application experimental base" with Northeastern University". In October 2004, he became the director unit of Liaoning Foundry Society and foundry association. Liaoning Province in 2005 as a provincial high-tech enterprises, the establishment of provincial engineering research and development center. 2008 was classified as a national high-tech enterprises, the same year passed the EU CE quality system certification. 2006 passed the ISO9001 quality assurance system certification. In 2006, Liaoning province innovation brand (enterprise), Liaoning province enterprise intellectual property rights demonstration unit, 2008 in Liaoning province science and technology innovation demonstration enterprises, in 2009 the fourth batch of national IPR pilot units, the same year by the Liaoning Provincial People's Government awarded the star of private enterprises in the province. In 2010 by the GB/T24001-2004ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification and GB/T28001-2001 occupation health and safety management system certification. The company's products in 2011 by the Liaoning provincial quality and technical supervision awarded the "famous brand in Liaoning province", the same year the "TTF" by the industrial and commercial administration bureau of Liaoning province awarded the "Liaoning famous trademark", and the provincial safety production standardization level two enterprises. 2012 national well-known trademark". In the same year by the Ministry of science and technology as the national Torch Plan key high-tech enterprises, the Liaoning provincial development and Reform Commission awarded the Liaoning provincial engineering laboratory. Tieling mayor quality award 2013. 2015 by the national Ministry of industry and information technology, the National Foundry Industry access.

  The company's products are widely used in thermal power plants, hydropower stations, nuclear power plants, urban water supply and drainage, sewage treatment, gas, non-ferrous metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, mining, high technology and other industries. And exported to the United States, Europe, Africa, South America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. Excellent products and perfect after-sales service to win the trust of domestic and foreign merchants and praise.

  Facing the new century, the company all staff will continue to progress, a positive innovation, to return on social services quality products, perfect, and welcome home and abroad to come to our company to negotiate business.

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